Consumer Electronic Show

January 5 - 8 2022 

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Las Vegas, United States -


After two years of development we are excited to celebrate with you the launch of our Startup's product going public!

We are presenting during this week our Future of Work, digitalization and global citizenship solution for developing the designers, engineers and storytellers of the future, from LED to IoT.

We will have hands-on demos featuring our products used in wearable tech, interactive walls, and all kinds of creative circuitry to inspire the clever use of past, present and future technologies. Several examples of hypercrafted flexible circuits with and without microcontrollers will be on display included our partner products and newest releases.




Mission Control Lab is an Edtech Hardware Startup on a mission to cultivate tech competency, creativity and leadership skills for a future with greater worldwide economic inclusion.

Using our platform of reusable hardware adaptor connectors and flexible conductive materials, makers ages 5+ plug into past, present and future hard tech like Legos or training wheels- expanding the reach, capability and creativity of technology.

We develop our products to invite young people, educators and makers to connect more accessibly with the global electronic hardware, coding and IoT ecosystem.

Our vision is to shorten the distance between education and industry in order to grow new-to-tech-newbs into beast-maker-nerds who carry the torch for building the sustainable, innovative, socially conscious, cyber physical systems of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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