Mission Control Lab removes the barriers between people, culture and education through art & technology. Our products deliver engaging design and systems thinking with our revolutionary catalogue of Inventure Kits, Microcontroller accessories, conductive Space Materials and Launchpad System. 

Mission Control Lab interfaces human ingenuity with the global electronic ecosystem.


MakeON “Inventure Gear” cultivates the designers, engineers and industrialists of the future by unleashing their electronic imagination today- inventing physical solutions that storytell with style. 


The world is permeated by ever-evolving technologies to serve human needs, challenges and interactions. Meanwhile, the shortage of technical workers continues to increase with global populations falling into the widening knowledge gap. For this reason it is crucial that young people have positive upskilling experiences being creative while adapting and connecting to new situations and technology. This has proven challenging for educators, parents, governments and the tech industries when walled gardens and didactic closed systems don’t deliver the “co-creative” experience the consumer youth demand. Mission Control Lab’s platform, MakeON, uses creativity and style to grow open, capable, global citizens - motivated to deploy their ambitions onto the next challenge. 

The MakeON system renders tech manufacturer’s and the global electronic ecosystem’s products to be reusable, adaptable and accessible to a wider audience and range of applications. Fashion, architecture and smart objects are the entry point into culture, creativity and ideas, and this is true for the MakeON experience. 

Starting with a basic LED (Light emitting diode) to building an IoT (internet of things), the concepts are experienced with the result of having something uniquely theirs to share. The MakeON connectors, conductive materials, sensors and everything-included Inventure Kits are paired with language-free building instructions that consist entirely of pictures - so simple that children from the age of five can get started. In minutes MakeON media guides light, movement or sound to come alive with step-by-step explanations presented on the same platforms young people and their networks are addicted to.  

Lower Floors and Higher Ceilings

Programming skills are not necessary to get started, however, the MakeON microcontroller accessories dawn a new era of aesthetic versatility for a wide range of popular brands such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Adafruit Feather, BBC Micro:bit and Sparkfun to name a few. The steep barrier-to-entry of the past, where soldering tiny parts beside a tangled nest of wires atop a breadboard below a shield - are no longer. With MakeON, users build out and not up, flexibly, flat and fast - a much friendlier frontier for in-venturing into the unknown universe of cyber physical systems.

 Invention + Adventure = Inventure, A Futurist Approach

From newbs to nerds, kitchen tables to classrooms, designers to data scientists use MakeON to make something different while learning something new. “STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematic) concepts are where culture and creativity can innovate the future relationship between humankind and the planet. By making the participation in real world ideas hands-on, accessible, and stylish for more people, the next industrial revolution will yield critical societal and environmental changes.”

– Jessica Cobb, Founder of Mission Control Lab


Check out MakeON's light sensor launchpad tutorial example here.

View here how a user created a monitor to see how often her cat came to and from her house 

About Mission Control Lab

Mission Control Lab BV opened in 2018 in Utrecht, The Netherlands and began developing MakeON with user testing and the first sales by the end of 2019.The company recently opened its second facility in Chicago, IL, USA at mHUB where it is partnered with factories who's mission is to offer the most socially and environmental conscience practises. One of these partnerships is with The Riverside Foundation. It offers recreational activities and employment to developmentally challenged adults.

Mission Control Lab sells it’s technology in 30 countries through distributors such as RS Components and retailers such as Pomoroni, Adafruit, and more. 

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